The American dream of building a new home is an experience that can be very enjoyable and rewarding with the right builder. When my wife and I decided to build a home, I started to research the area in selecting a builder that could take on our custom home project. I wanted an individual that was of good quality, trustworthy, and was willing to work with me on adapting some of my ideas into the project. I first met Victor Stello when I visited one of his jobs under construction at Figure Eight Island. I was not only impressed with the quality of the work that I saw, but the fact that he was a "hands on" builder and took pride in his work.

While building my house, I found Victor to be easy to work with and dependable. If he saw something in the quality of the job that he didn't like, even if I thought it could get by, he would have it torn out and corrected to his satisfaction before the day was out. This showed me that his crew knew of his high expectations and would make sure they were met daily.

I would highly recommend Victor Stello for your building needs. I can honestly say that he was on the job from laying the house off to installing the final house numbers.

Steve and Diane Caudill

Wilmington, NC

To whom it may concern:

The writer's acquaintance with Mr. Stello began two and one-half years ago as a buyer of a house in the Waterford of the Carolinas development in Brunswick County, NC. Mr. Stello served as the construction superintendent for this project.

On a walk-through, accompanied by my son who is a commercial building contractor, we were pleased with the overall quality, finish, and workmanship that was evident in the construction. The few minor punch-list items that we found were presented to Mr. Stello, who accepted our findings in a courteous manner and promptly had his sub-contractors remedy them.

Mr. Stello also initiated changes in the original plans of the house, which made better use of space, usefulness and added to overall comfort. It spoke well of his experience in home-building.

My impression of Mr. Stello is that he is a caring, thoughtful person who puts the interests of his client foremost and strives to make the association both professional and pleasant.

My lasting impression is that here's a builder who will listen to his customer; most important!

Robert Bradley

Brunswick County, NC

To Victor Stello,

Thank you for all of you help answering all of our questions this past year. Jennifer and I can not tell you how many compliments we get on our home on Hydrangea Court. We are constantly informed that we have "the finest home in Waterford." I have personally owned a half dozen homes, and this one is by far the best.

Your attention to detail (such as the rounded edges on all the drywall, the copper flashing used just about everywhere, and the detailed crown molding) is very refreshing to see in a builder. You obviously take pride in you work and it shows.

Jonathan Weiss

Waterford of the Carolinas

Stello did an excellent job on the quality & details of our IBHS GOLD STANDARD home. As one of the very first IBHS GOLD certified homes in Carolina Beach, our home has successfully weathered three hurricanes and several other storms without a hitch. Victor worked with us through multiple changes & innovative recommendations throughout our project...THANKS Victor!

Billy T.

Carolina Beach, NC

Quality materials using visually-appealing solutions to building challenges and a highly ethical and fair approach in business dealings. None better.

Gary A.

One of the better builders in the area. Truly goes out of his way to ensure his clients are satisfied and expectations are exceeded. In terms of quality, I'll take the Pepsi challenge with any home in the same price/sf category. If you want a true custom home that is built to last, please retain Victor Stello. Visit a model home to verify these claims.

Joe A.