Where are your floor plans?
We have 4 floor plans; The Buckhannon, The Regency, The Sarasota and The Montgomery.
They are also listed under the "Our Homes" tab.
You can inquire for additional plans.

What size homes do you build?
We can take on any project size; from 1,000 sq feet to 10,000 sq feet, we don't have a minimum or maximum, but rather a design that fits each customer's needs.

What is your price per square foot?
We don't have a standard price per sq feet; it's customized to accommodate each client's needs.

What is curated custom home?
A curated custom home is ideal for busy families and customized for each family's size to give plenty of room for enjoyment and gatherings.

What is value engineering?
Value engineering is intended to strategically cut costs to meet the client's budget but also the ultimate result.

In what areas do you build?
We build all the way up and down the coast of North Carolina.

Do I need to hire an architect or plan designer first?
No, we have our team of architects and designers.

Do we need to hire an interior designer?
No, we can also provide interior designers per the need of the project.

Do you have an in-house design center?
Yes, we provide a design team to help guide you through this process and make it as simple as possible.

Do you have a standard features list?
Yes, our website provides all the features options.

Should I get multiple proposals from different builders?
Yes, that way you can compare not only prices, but values and relationships among builders.

How long does it take to build a home?
There's no standard time; it strictly depends on the project size.

Who will be my main point of contact during construction?
The owner, Victor Stello III, will be the main point of contact.